Published on 6 June 2020

We are excited to be partnering with the Hong Kong International School and SocGen Valley RFC this summer to be able to offer camps and academies across all age groups. Camps are limited to 32 per camp so be quick to secure your spot!

***Scroll down for more details on the programme, eligibility, how to register and responses to FAQ’s**


Your child must either attend HKIS or be a member of Valley Fort, Southside Hawks, Stingrays, Tai Tam Baseball Club or Tai Tam Tigers to be eligble to participate in this programme.


The simplest way for Valley Fort players to register for the camp / academy is using the Valley Fort App on your mobile device as you do not need to fill in your / your children’s personal details again. To do this, open the App > Registration > Specials > Select > Register Child.

Valley Fort players who prefer to use the web instead of the App can also register using the process below.



What is the focus of these camps?

The camps are age appropriate and delivered by qualified and experienced coaches and will cover:

  • Body Movement (Minis), Athletic Movement (Youth), Elite Movement (Academy)
  • Reaction and Responsiveness (All Ages)
  • Fun Games (Minis / Youth), Rugby Games (Youth / Academy)
  • Skill Execution (Youth / Academy)
  • Technical Skill Focus (Academy)

Will the course content be the same for the same age group session options?

The camp focus and learning outcomes will be the same however there is a panel of coaches that will be rotated and the drills will be altered depending on duplicate sign-ups, feedback from the first session and coaches personal preferences.

Will there be contact rugby played?

There is no contact at the camps due to current HKRU and government guidelines. All games will be designed around waist-height touch.

Does my child need prior rugby playing experience or can I be new to the sport?

No. We welcome and encourage newcomer attendance.

Who are the coaches?

There are a range of IRB Level 1 2 & 3 coaches, Valley Premiership Teams players, Hong Kong international rugby players, and SCRC-checked coaches administering the course (across all age groups). At least 1 coach will be first aid trained, although most coaches received first-aid training recently.

  • Coaching Director – Matthew Rosslee (HK International Flyhalf, 2-time International XVs Player of the Year, Valley Prems, SCRC-checked)
  • Coach – Whiria ‘Fidz’ Meltzer (Valley Prems Fullback, SCRC-checked)
  • Coach – Harry Sayers (HK International Wing, Valley Prems, SCRC-checked)
  • Coach – Bella Milo (Samoa International, Valley Ladies Head Coach, Valley Blacks, SCRC-checked)
  • Coach – Adam Rolston (Former HK International Scrumhalf, Valley Prems, SCRC-checked)
  • Coach – Ben Higgins (HK International Prop, Valley Prems, SCRC-checked)
  • Coach – Rebecca Thompson (Hong Kong International Wing, Valley Blacks, SCRC-checked)
  • Coach – Andrew Bridle (Valley Prems Back Row, SCRC-checked)
  • Coach – Ruan Du Plooy (HK International Scrumhalf, Valley Prems, SCRC-checked)
  • Coach – Mitchell Purvis (Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Valley Prems Centre, SCRC-checked)
  • Admin / Coach – Kea Herewini (Loughborough Uni 1st XV) 

Are there boys and girls groups for all age groups and do they play together?

For Minis and Youth, yes. However, on this occasion it is not offered for Academy as we currently have no girls in this age group.

Can my child join an age group different to his/her YOB?

We would prefer that children remain in their appropriate age groups however if you have a specific request, please email us at info@valleyfort.com.

What does my child need to wear?

Valley Fort players are encouraged to wear Valley Fort kit however any sportswear is appropriate. Rubgy boots are advantageous but not necessary, however it is strongly recommended for both the Youth and Academy age groups.

Does my child need to wear a mask?

We encourage mask-wearing on your travel to camp, particularly if using public transport, but players will not be wearing masks while actively participating.

Does my child need an adult to stay with them?

No, however in the event your child needs specific toilet assistance it would be beneficial.

What does my child need to bring with them?

  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks (no nuts please!)
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal Items (e.g Inhaler)
  • Hand Sanitiser (although we will have plenty available!)

Where is the pitch?

We are partnering with HKIS at their Tai Tam campus (1 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam) to offer this Academy Camp. Click here for directions.

What Covid19 precautions is Valley Fort taking?

In compliance with Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU), Hong Kong International School (HKIS), World Rugby, World Health Organisation (WHO) & HK Government guidelines:

  • Mandatory Screening:  Please note that a child will NOT be allowed on campus if the child or anyone living with the student: (1) has traveled within the last 14 days, (2) is under mandatory or self-imposed quarantine, (3) is exhibiting symptoms of the Flu or Covid-19, and/or (4) is positive for Covid-19. Please ensure you complete the mandatory health declaration forms above.
  • Practical: Temperature checks on arrival and hand sanitizer will be provided. Below waist-height touch only. 32 children maximum spread across the ¾ pitch. 8 player groups (coach out of coaching area) if this restriction extends beyond June 18th. Daily pre-session hygiene reminders not to spit, share water bottles and regularly wash and sanitize hands. 

If Covid19 restrictions change and impact the ability of the summer camp to go ahead, will I be refunded?

Yes, we will refund you if the summer camps can no longer go ahead due to public safety in light of Covid19. We will do our best to notify you in the event of cancellations as soon as practically possible. 

What weather conditions will affect the camp?

The camps will always be on unless a:

  • Typhoon signal 3 or above is hoisted
  • Red or black rain storm warning is in effect
  • Thunderstorm warning is in effect

Will there be refunds for weather?

We offer proportional refunds for advanced cancellations only. 

Will there be medical assistance available at the Academy?

At least 1 coach will be first aid trained at each camp, although most coaches received first-aid training recently.

Who can I contact in an emergency?

Coaching Director – Matthew Rosslee (+852 5964 4418)

Valley Fort Chairman – Simon Anam (+852 9301 8225)

What happens in an emergency?

In case a child, having an emergency or injury,we will call the 999 Hotline or the Fire Services Communication Centre at 2735 3355 for emergency ambulance service. 

Admin will have the emergency contact provided and make contact immediately. 

If my child enjoys the camp and wishes to register as a player for Valley Fort, how do I do that?

You can use the Valley Fort website to register for the 2020/21 season – registration will be open soon here.