Valley Fort COVID prevention and detection update

Published on 2 November 2020

Important guidelines and instructions for members and supporters to help prevent and contain Coronavirus

As a large rugby club, our reach into the community on a daily basis is substantial and diverse.

We must play our part in primarily containing Covid-19 through preventative measures and, failing that, with reactive measures if the virus breaches our membership.

We ask that all members (and non-members) observe the following important measures for protecting ourselves and others during the pandemic.

  1. Do NOT come to training, matches or social gatherings if you feel unwell, have a runny nose, a persistent cough, a fever or if you have come in close contact with any infected person(s). Stay home and seek medical advice.
  2. If you have come into close contact with a recently infected person(s), you MUST inform your coach/manager and consider self-isolating.
  3. All members MUST be registered on the Valley Fort App.
  4. In order to facilitate a track and trace capability, players need to mark their availability and coaches will mark actual attendance at training and/or matches in the Valley Fort App.
  5. Players arriving at training or matches MUST clean their hands with their own or provided sanitizer.
  6. Coaches must remind players that training cannot commence until everybody has sanitized.
  7. Leave the pitch at the completion of training or match and do not loiter in large groups on the side-line.
  8. Teams must “manage” their own sideline during trainings and matches. This means ensuring that players, reserves, spectators, parents wear masks and observe the social distancing requirements in place at the time.
  9. All players, management and spectators must exercise good hygiene practices, such as;
  10. Medical staff MUST wear, at minimum, gloves and a mask when treating players or on the sideline.
  11. Teams are NOT to use communal drink bottles

In the case that a member becomes infected or has been in close contact of an infected person(s), the club will alert all members – specifically those that have been in close contact through our own track and trace identification.