Valley’s ‘Everest Challenge’ winner of ‘Fund Raising Campaign of the Year’

Published on 2 November 2020

Terrific recognition for our pre-season fundraiser that raised nearly $250,000 for Feeding Hong Kong and Harmony House.

On the 27th June, the men and women, boys and girls, sponsors and charities of Valley RFC and Valley Fort threw themselves at the savage steps of Shing Wong Street over a 12 hour period, in order to raise awareness and funds for two important HK charities – Feeding Kong Kong and Harmony House.

By the end of the challenge, Mount Everest had been scaled the equivalent of 9 times – in baking 35 degree heat – and $248,000 had been raised on the Charitable Choice campaign page including a generous donation from Valley’s title sponsor, Société Générale. (Read full story)

This week, on 5th September, it was ‘International Day for Charity’ and the winners of the inaugural ‘Charitable Choice Awards 2020’ were announced.

Valley RFC were honoured to be awarded the Fund Raising Campaign of the Year Award for the Everest Challenge.

Founder and CEO of Charitable Choice, Cheryl Wilson, has a clear focus on the mission of the award. “We are immensely grateful to all our corporate and individual donors for choosing our digital platform to make an impact on our society during the last ten years. We believe the launch of the Charitable Choice Awards is the best way for us to extend our gratitude and celebrate the efforts and commitment of those that have used the Charitable Choice platform to support various charities.”, Cheryl concluded.

Valley RFC Chief Operations Officer, Grant Beuzeval, said that, “we are immensely proud to be recognised by Charitable Choice as the winner of their 2020 Award. This recognition means a great deal to the members, supporters and sponsors of Valley RFC but even more so to Feeding Hong Kong and Harmony House (和諧之家) and the disadvantaged groups that they tirelessly serve in the community”.

Hong Kong has buckled since July 2019, under civil unrest and Covid-19. Food Banks and Domestic Violence Support agencies have witnessed great struggles as they strive to bring food to those in need and shelter to those exposed to abuse at home.

n Hong Kong, 3,600 tonnes of food waste ends up in landfills every day while more than one million people live in poverty while domestic violence has spiked during lockdown and shelters for women and children are full.

We recognise and salute the work done in the community by Feeding Hong Kong and Harmony House. Please support them if you can.