When does the VF Rugby season start and finish?

The Season start in early September and finishes in April.

Additionally: Our Colts age groups (Under 13 and above, boys & girls) start conditioning/fitness training in Mid August and some of their age groups finish a few weeks before the rest of the club season end.

How is the Season structured?

Mini Rugby (U5 to U11)
  • Mini Rugby is for players learn and develop their foundation skills.
  • Training: All training sessions for U6 – U11 are held on a Sunday morning at various locations in Tai Tam, Aberdeen and Stanley dependent on age group. In addition, the contact Mini age groups (U9 to U12) also train on Friday evening (6.30-8pm) in Tai Tam. Please contact us on valleyfort.info@gmail.com to understand exactly which location and at what time your age group will be playing at this year.
  • Festivals: Mini players can participate in up to six festivals. The 2018/19 dates are:
    • 28 October 2018 – USRC Tigers ‘Tigerfest’ at Kings Park
    • 18 November 2018 – HKU Sandy Bay festival at Stanley Ho Sports Centre
    • 02 December 2018 – Flying Kukri’s Contact (U9-U11) festival at Kings Park
    • 09 December 2018 – Flying Kukri’s Non-Contact festival (U6-U8) festival at EDUHK
    • 20 January 2019 – Tai Po festival at Kings Park
    • 24 February 2019 – Valley Fort festival at Stanley Ho Sports Centre
    • 17 March 2019 – HKFC festival at Hong Kong Football Club

Mini Rugby (U12)
  • Training: All training sessions for U12 Boys and U12 Girls are held on a Sunday morning at the Aberdeen training location. Please contact us on valleyfort.info@gmail.com to understand exactly at what time you will be playing at this year.
  • Tournaments: At U12, the Boys and Girls play in tournaments (instead of festivals). The U12B / Mixed tournament is called The Richard Hawkes Cup and the U12G tournament is called The Kim Lam Cup. There are six rounds of both tournaments and these are played the same dates as the festivals above. The location for the majority of these tournaments are at Happy Valley Pitch 1 & 6. The exception is the Flying Kukri’s Contact festival also hosts the RH and KL tournaments at Kings Park.

There are also occasional overseas tours, but the highlight of the season is the Hong Kong Sevens held in April each year. During the Sevens some of the children get to play at the Hong Kong Stadium in front of thousands of rugby fans.

Colts (U13 to U19)
  • The season splits into three main parts:
    • September & October – Training and friendly games. Training occurs on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings from 6.30 – 8pm as well as Sunday mornings at Happy Valley.
    • November & December – Club plays XV’s league fixtures.
    • After the New Year break the Colts move to play X’s and Sevens rugby. Additionally there is the Grand Championship knock out tournament which is played in February and March.

At what age does contact rugby start

Under 9s

Do you have Girls Rugby?

Absolutely, we have girls teams at most, if not all, age groups in the Club. From U5 to U8 the girls play in mixed age groups separating from U9 – in line with the HK Mini RFU guidelines. U9 is when player start contact (tackling) so Boys and Girls train and play independently of each other. From U13 (Colts) some age groups do not have enough girls and therefore we combine those players with another club in a similar situation to for a twinned team that jointly trains and plays together. It’s our aim to have single Valley Fort entity teams per age group.

If it rains, is there still practice?

Yes! Training and festivals are only cancelled in the following situations:

  • Typhoon signal 3 or above is hoisted,
  • Red or black rain storm warning,
  • Thunderstorm warnings

Do you stream players? Or create teams of equal ability?

Valley Fort creates teams of equal ability in the U5 to U8 levels. At U9, coaches will start to tier players and at U10, streaming of teams starts in earnest.

My child is very small for his age, can he play in a younger age group?

The process of “playing down” is extremely cumbersome and needs to be medically justified. Being small doesn’t quite cut it. Decisions on any individual case rests with the HKRFU whose word is final.

Where do my dues go?

The Club dues go towards the following:

  • Purchasing equipment
  • Paying for professional coaches who coach the Colts, our Contact Mini age groups and also help our volunteer parent coaches at Mini Non Contact
  • HKRFU Coaching and Referring classes for our volunteers
  • Subsidizing our year-end parties and social events as well as tournament buses etc…
  • Insurance
  • Other incidentals (first aid kits, maintenance of grounds…).

The Club accounts are audited every year by KPMG and available on request from the Chairman.

I want to get involved with the club. How do I do it?

The club is run nearly entirely by volunteers so we are always looking for people!

  • Coaching & Team Management – If you are interested in becoming a coach or a team manager, please contact your age group Head Coach.
  • Festival Committee – If you are interested in joining the Valley Fort festival committee, which will be held on 24 February 2019, please contact info@valleyfort.com.
  • Social Committee – We have a number of social events throughout the year that we would love your help with. If you are interested in organising or supporting a social event, please contact info@valleyfort.com.
  • Social Media – If you are interested in helping us run our website and various social media sites, please contact info@valleyfort.com.