On Field – Director of Rugby: 9th September

Pre – Season

What an exciting part of the year. Pre-season! Players old and new returning to the pitch, Coaches old and new connecting with their teams again and of course the big welcome to any new players and families to the Valley Fort Community.

There has been a great deal going on behind the scenes to have the season ready to go. The Youth Teams are entering their third week of training and the Minis began their season in spectacular style across three venues last Sunday.


A welcome back to all our coaches for the new season. Both in Youth and Mini we have new faces and I look forward to the sessions they will provide our players this season.

2021 I have introduced a Core Skill guidelines to assist coaches in focusing on the elements of the game that are specifically aligned to their respective age groups. This way we can build a strong foundation of the basics of the game throughout the club and then adapt to a “style” of play we wish to see dependent on the particular group’s competency at these skills.

In addition, I have introduced a Valley Fort Coaching Process for our coaches, that is HOW do the coaches go about delivering sessions in the best possible way to ensure the best learning and performance outcomes.

I hope that everyone supports these changes so that we can attain consistency in the product we are delivering across the club at all levels.

Coach the Coaches

Last Sunday over twenty Mini coaches and Managers joined me at HKRU for a three -hour session on Coaching Process. The interactive and theory- based session was well received and I am sure had coaches looking at the way they coach a little more closely.

The session was themed around :

Keeping it REAL and let’s GROW together.

R – Realistic                                                   G – Goals

E – Enjoyable                                                R – Reality

A – Active                                                      O – Opportunity

L – Learning                                                  W – Whats Next

I thank all those present and those who tuned in on Zoom for their enthusiasm and contribution.

There will be a number of these session throughout the season ensuring our players are receiving “best practice” in relation to coaching at Valley Fort.

Yours in Rugby


Valley Fort Townhall_Sept 2021

Valley Fort Townhall_Sept 2021_Abridged

Abridged version of the Valley Fort Townhall presentation on 3rd September 2021 to launch the 2021 / 22 season. For a recording of the presentation please email us at info@valleyfort.com.

On Field – Director of Rugby: 24th September

Youth (U13 – U18 Girls & Boys)

What a spectacular week past watching our Youth teams train in the new kit for 2021/22. There was a real sense of pride as the players donned their new jerseys and completed their sessions with only two weeks before the first fixtures of the new season.

I am encouraged to share that coaches have arranged a number of friendly matches or combined training sessions this weekend with rival clubs to get the players into “game mode” for the beginning of the season.

During the season preparation stages before matches and tournaments are played, teams should ordinarily pass from:

  • Stage 1 : Train to Train
  • Stage 2 : Train to Play
  • Stage 3 : Train to Compete

These stages will be incorporated in much finer detail in the seasons ahead. Currently, the players are now in the ‘Train to Compete’ phase and are preparing strongly for the league season beginning October 3rd. The Youth teams at Happy Valley are gearing up for their first fixtures and this can be seen in the coaching and activities they are undertaking. Team play is paramount at this stage of preparation. However, there can never be a reduction in focus on the basic core skills of the game. I will be encouraging coaches to maintain this focus as the season gets underway.

An exciting week of training awaits us as the excitement builds to the first round of the 21/22 Season.


Minis (U5 – U12 Girls & Boys)

As I travelled to all three training venues last Sunday, I witnessed the continuation of excellent work from the Mini coaches at HKIS and Aberdeen. The focus on the core skills and definitive coaching cues are becoming part of the coaching process as the first steps to consistency across the coaching spectrum for all teams.

Yours in Rugby,

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby Valley Fort RFC

Reminders: here is the pitch schedule and the bus schedule for HKIS.

On Field: Director of Rugby: 8th October


Finally, after all the preparations, Round 1 of the new season has been played by our Youth teams (except U14 Girls who kick off this weekend). Some very impressive rugby was played by all teams. I am de-briefing and working with our Pro Coaches to review these performances which is important for the development of all teams and provides a focus for the training sessions moving forward.

We recorded wins in the U13 Boys Premiership and U18 Boys Championship fixtures and had a stirring draw in the U16 Boys Premiership game against HKFC. It was also particularly great to see our U16 Girls out on the pitch and finishing on a high – the first VF U16 girls in many years. There is a great deal to be positive about as the season continues and we build upon what we learn.

In training, as all teams continue to work on the basic skills needed to compete then the team play will also develop. A focus on core skills is the key to consistent performances both as individuals and teams. I am pleased to see that skills and game sense activities are also a major part of training for all our teams.

I would also like to commend all our team managers and supporters for the positive way they supported the teams across all our game venues. I continue to encourage all associated with Valley Fort to be a leading example to all our boys and girls on game day behaviour.

A big thanks to Janet Zomerman, Georgi Oxley and everyone else associated with the kit distribution and the collection of our old kit for Crossroads. Our teams looked fantastic on the pitches on Sunday. We will be organising our official team photos in the next couple of weeks so look out for further details on this.

A quick reminder also that mouthguards are essential and no boy or girl will be allowed to participate games or training without one.

Bring on Round 2!


It was another action packed Sunday of training for our U5’s to U8’s at HKIS and it was fantastic to see our U9 – U12 age groups in friendly games against Sandy Bay.

The improvement I have seen from week to week in these age groups is a credit to the coaches and the focus they are putting into the basic skills of the game. More importantly however is the smiles on the faces of the boys and girls as I travel around the venues each week. There are excited and enthusiastic Valley Fort players and coaches everywhere I go!

In the weeks ahead, games will be arranged against other clubs to add the competitive edge to the teams and give a clearer picture of their progression from training session to competitive environments. Nick Carlsen is working with both the HKRU and the other clubs to finalise this and the festival schedule.

A big thanks to Nick, Paul Brodie and everyone involved with Minis kit distribution, name printing and old kit collection for Crossroads. We will be organising our first official Minis team photos in the next couple of weeks so look out for further details on this.

Finally, a reminder to encourage your daughters’ and sons’ friends who haven’t had a go at playing rugby that they are more than welcome to come and try with Valley Fort at any time.

Yours in Rugby,

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby, Valley Fort RFC

Youth On Field: Director of Rugby: 22nd October 2021


Following the disrupted weekend of rugby due to the typhoon, teams were back on the pitches last week with some very impressive results.

A wonderful performance from the U16 girls who won their first game was perhaps the highlight of the week’s fixtures. This composite team is coming together nicely and with excellent coaching, they are beginning to show their talent. The U14 girls showed continued signs of improvement and are working hard on areas to improve and secure a winning performance this weekend.

It was a wonderful day at Happy Valley with all U16 and U18 boys teams playing some very physical and exciting rugby with a large number of spectators enjoying the afternoon’s action.

It was clear that the week we missed in training and last week’s game affected the younger teams with the U13 and U14 boys teams a little rusty and lacking in cohesion following the enforced break. They have worked hard this week at training to make up for lost time and I am confident they will put in strong performances against Sandy Bay this week.

I continue to encourage our coaching staff to maintain a focus on the core skills of the game as the teams expand on their playing structures. The style we want to play as a club is very dependent on a level of skill that enables the players to execute on the pitch effectively.

I wish all teams a positive and successful week of fixtures.

Enjoy the rugby

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Valley Fort RFC


Minis On Field: Director of Rugby: 22nd October 2021


Again, some disruption to our Mini training recently due to the unsettled weather. Having the non-contact age group (U5 – U8) back at HKIS was great to see! The activities and skill development of all the players is clear to see as we work our way deeper into the season.

The contact age groups (U9 – U12) are getting closer to competition games against other clubs in the next few weeks and some have already completed practice games with good results. It can sometimes be a delicate balance between using the pitch time for competition or training and we are working to strike the right balance.

Specifically, over the next few weeks we have:

  • TigerFest: Sunday 31st October – U8 to U11 Age Groups
    • USRC Tigers will be hosting a Rugby Carnival at Kings Park all day on Sunday 31stOctober for the U8 – U11 age groups only.
    • Due to restrictions we will not be able to have all players participating (50% at best guess) and priority will be given to those who did not participate at HK Stadium.
    • Your Head Coach will let you know final plans and schedules and For those not playing at TigerFest, there will most likely be joint training with another Club, but we are working on the logistics of that.  Watch this space!
    • U5’s-U7’s will be training at HKIS as normal on this day, just with a little more space as the U8’s will not be there and fear not……. we will organize age group specific days against other teams very soon. Clearly we cannot have visitors to HKIS, so this will be an exciting away fixture somewhere…!
  • Richard Hawkes (U12 Boys) and Kim Lam (U12 Girls) Competitions
    • It has been decided that RH will be a combination of 12 aside and 7 aside teams, whilst KL will remain as 7 aside as per last season.
    • The first date for this competition will most likely be 31stOctober with more to follow from your Head Coaches.
  • Friday Nights Under Lights…..
    • We are very pleased to announce that we have been given the all-clear from HKIS to commence week night training on Friday nights at HKIS for the U9 – U12 age groups (boys and girls).
    • There is a decent amount of form filling to get done to get coaches and players their access cards, but your Head Coach will be in touch on that.
    • It’s looking like Nov 5thor 12th will be the first Friday night training session.

Enjoy the rugby

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Valley Fort RFC



Personal Information Collection Statement – 22nd October 2021

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Stadium Showdown Bus Schedule – 30th October

Bus 1
13:25 Redhill Plaza on Pak Pat Shan Road (outside steps entrance to Woodlands Montessori)
13.28 The American Club, Tai Tam (public bus stop)
13:30 No.7 Stanley Village Road (Bus Stop)
13:31 Stanley Plaza – bus stop
13:33 Chung Hom Kok – Wellcome
13:35 Headland Road – Public Bus Stop
13:40 No.127 Repulse Bay Road (public bus stop)
13:41 No.109 Repulse Bay – Public bus stop
13:50 HK Cricket Club – Opposite HK Cricket Club outside the petrol station
To: Hong Kong Stadium

Bus 2
13.25 The American Club, Tai Tam (public bus stop)
13.27 No.7 Stanley Village Road (Bus Stop)
13:28 Stanley Plaza – bus stop
13:30 Chung Hom Kok – Wellcome
13:33 Headland Road – Public Bus Stop
13:37 No.127 Repulse Bay Road (public bus stop)
13:38 No.109 Repulse Bay – Public bus stop
13:47 HK Cricket Club – Opposite HK Cricket Club outside the petrol station
To: Hong Kong Stadium

Bus 3
13.25 The American Club, Tai Tam (public bus stop)
13.27 No.7 Stanley Village Road (Bus Stop)
13:28 Stanley Plaza – bus stop
13:30 Chung Hom Kok – Wellcome
13:33 Headland Road – Public Bus Stop
13:37 No.127 Repulse Bay Road (public bus stop)
13:38 No.109 Repulse Bay – Public bus stop
13:47 HK Cricket Club – Opposite HK Cricket Club outside the petrol station
To: Hong Kong Stadium

Bus 4
13:25 Cyber Port in the bus stop outside the Cinema
13:35 Hong Kong Country Club Bus Stop
13:37 Deepdene, 33 Island Road (public bus stop)
13:47 HK Cricket Club – Opposite HK Cricket Club outside the petrol station
To: Hong Kong Stadium

Minis On Field: Director of Rugby: 5th November 2021

There are simply not enough words to describe the huge weekend for many of our mini teams last weekend. The incredible excitement taking part in the Stadium Showcase was obvious to all whom  were there. Our U10 – U12 boys and girls all took part in the Stadium Showdown Showcase where they competed well on the big stage. I hope and am sure lifelong memories were made. A massive thanks to our Head of Minis, Nick Carlsen, and everyone who assisted him for organising such a wonderful event for our players.

Sunday saw the contact Minis compete in the Richard Hawkes first Round for U12 Boys and Kim Lam Cup for U12 Girls with the remainder competing in Tigerfest with many games played across the day. All our teams will be better for the competition these events offer and will create a real focus for coaches in the training sessions ahead.

HKIS was again a buzz on Sunday morning although a little quieter with some teams away competing. The skill development and fun activities is impressive to see. I receive a number of requests each week for further resources for these coaches so they can continue to develop the groups under their care.

November 12th is the date where we are planning to start Friday evening training at HKIS. In the coming days registration forms online will be made available to all players coaches and families concerned. It is very important these are completed on time to gain access to the HKIS Campus for these training sessions so please keep an eye out and revert promptly.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Yours in Rugby,

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Valley Fort RFC


Youth On Field: Director of Rugby: 5th November 2021

A disrupted draw over the last couple of weeks has meant it has been difficult to keep momentum going for a few teams or perhaps it has been a well earned break – depending on your perspective!

The improvement in the Youth teams is clearly evident with perhaps some increased game understanding needed at times.

The U16 boys continued their impressive season with a strong win at Sandy Bay. The U14 girls went down narrowly for HKFC in an entertaining affair and a game of missed opportunities for our girls. The U16 girls also went down but continue to gel as a composite team getting better and better each week.

This week also saw the departure of Mitch Purvis back to his homeland New Zealand – a big thanks to Mitch! Mitch did a great job with the U18 boys and I am sure he will be missed! The team will be determined to keep their excellent season going into this weekend with the huge clash against FC.

The younger teams enjoyed the weekend off and still do not resume fixtures for another week. The opportunity to work hard on the training pitch will not be lost on the coaches to ensure improved performances heading to the Christmas break.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Yours in Rugby,

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Valley Fort RFC

Youth On Field: Director of Rugby: 20th November 2021

It was great to see all our teams return to the pitch last weekend. Again, the Valley Fort teams performed extremely well against strong opposition and, in many cases, were victorious in close fought affairs.

The Valley Fort teams have a determination and resilience to the physicality of the game. As the skill levels improve, we will become more complete in their performances.

The U18 and U16 Boys were successful in both Prems and Champ fixtures with all games  being nail biters! Either scoring at the death or hanging on until the final whistle was the order of the day for these teams and they all continue the season towards the very top of their respective points tables.

While the U16 girls were on a bye week, the U14 Girls had a great win. The fixture, however, was marred by a number of injuries which eventually shortened the game. This resulted in a very disjointed performance as the girls couldn’t get any momentum due to the stoppages.

In the younger boys age groups the U14’s battled hard against the formidable HKFC. They never gave up whilst displaying continued improvement and team unity. Finally, it was great to see the U13 boys return to the form we know they are capable of. Consistency is the key as we head to the latter part of the season.

It is hard to believe we are four weeks from the Christmas break so the XVs season is building to a conclusion for most of the age groups. We will  transition into 10s and 7s from the middle of January 2022.

The club would also like to wish those players within our community who have suffered injuries a speedy recovery. Rugby is by its very nature a collision sport and despite the excellent coaching in technique the Valley Fort players receive injuries can and will occur from time to time. We are fortunate that First Aid assistance is a priority at Valley Fort and a designated medical official is on hand at all of our fixtures and training sessions.

Have a great weekend.

Yours in Rugby,


National Representative Teams: Director of Rugby: 20th November 2021

Congratulations to our U19 boys and U16 boys and girls who were selected in the NAG (National Age Grade) squad by the HKRU to prepare for the traditional New Years Day fixtures.

U19 Boys – Oscar Bousser, Montgomery Davies, Paul De Klebnikoff, Emile Dubourg, Bastien Hersey, Like Laskowski, Also Mage, James McGovern, Jules Moulin, Jack Openshaw, Thomas Peyrissaguet.

U16 Boys – Andrew Durant, Kent Flores, Hugo Healy, Matthew Henderson, Thomas Jenkins, Maurits Kennes, Marcus Law, Hugo Mahe, Charlie Maltas, Finn Marriott, David McMurtray, Donald Ng, Liam Quinn, Alister Ripert, Ollie Sinclair, Likas Tornberg, Leo Wheeler.

U16 Girls – Xanthe Falloon, Cammie Oxley, Isabella Perry.

The U14 boys also received invitations to take part in development camps and games during December whilst the girls will receive information regarding their development and representative opportunities in the coming days.

These are wonderful opportunities for our Valley Fort Players to either compete at the next level or experience competitive training and competition amongst their peers here in Hong Kong.

Minis On Field: Director of Rugby: 20th November 2021

A return to regular training was the order of the day for our Mini teams following the festivals of the week before. It is so important we find the right balance between competition and training for our players. These competitive outings give the coaches a better understanding of where we need to concentrate and improve.

A huge weekend of competition again awaits the U6 – U11 Minis age groups at Sandy Bay RFC this Sunday. This will be a fantastic day of competition for the non-contact and contact teams participating and I wish all teams and coaches a successful day.

After a training session this Sunday, the following Sunday the U12 boys and girls will be competing in the second round of the Richard Hawkes and Kim Lam competition

Unfortunately, the proposed Friday night training sessions slated for HKIS did not come to fruition. We are seeking alternative training options and will communicate these if and when they become reality.

Have a great weekend.

Yours in Rugby,


Youth On Field: Director of Rugby: 3rd December 2021

Where has the 2021 Season gone? With only two rounds before the Christmas break it seems like only yesterday that we were getting ready for pre- season.

The past two weeks has seen terrific performances from all our Youth teams and for me, most pleasingly improvement in areas that I know coaches were working on.

Teams from Valley Fort have dominated opposition teams and produced exciting Rugby, showcasing an array of skills that see all our Youth teams in the top four of their respective competitions and five of those teams either leading or in second place.

Whilst the win/loss ratio is not the only statistic that is important, what it does show is the coaching and improvement and performances of all our teams. The success of any club is the sum of the collective and this is something we can, and should, all be proud of. So many people who give up time and expertise to see our players flourish in a wonderful, supportive learning environment.

As we head towards the Christmas break, I encourage all players to push to the end. It is very easy to ease off knowing there is a break ahead. These final couple of games are just as important as the first of the season.

A saying I was once given that I enjoy passing onto players I coach: “ If it’s meant to be, its up to me”

The remaining weeks of this season is up to everyone doing their part to the best of their ability.

Best of luck to all teams this weekend and let’s rip into training in these last couple of weeks.

Yours in Rugby

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Valley Fort RFC

Minis On Field: Director of Rugby: 3rd December 2021

Festivals were the order of the day for all our Mini teams over the past week. A massive day at Kings Park and Sandy Bay saw what Rugby can produce when all the clubs come together to celebrate this wonderful game.

These competition days are a huge undertaking and all the Coaches and parents who encourage our players to take part with such enthusiasm are to be congratulated.

Another aspect of these Festivals is as a way of measuring our development as a Club against other Clubs. It is also a way of implementing training in a competitive environment. I know many coaches were very pleased with the progress their teams are making as new elements of the game are introduced to the players.

Best of luck to our Richard Hawkes and Kim Lam U12 boys and girls teams who play their next Round of fixtures on December 12 which is a terrific way to head into the Christmas Break.

There are two opportunities for coaches and managers and parents to get involved further through the Tackle License and Coacharee courses which are coming up soon. If you wish to be involved the managers or Head Coaches of each team will have the information they can pass on. They are great courses and a good way to stay connected to the game at this level.

There will also be some news next week regarding Friday Evening training sessions for specific age groups. More to come on that in the days ahead.

All the best to all age groups for a great couple of weeks ahead

Yours in Rugby

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Valley Fort RFC

Youth On Field: Director of Rugby: 22nd December 2021

As we enter the final week before the Christmas Break it gives me time to comment of all that has been achieved across the past two weeks and indeed the season thus far.

Without doubt the highlight of the last few weeks has been the wonderful success of the U14 Girls who were victorious in their Grand final over Sandy Bay last Sunday at Kings Park.

I have had the pleasure of coaching a few small sessions with these girls throughout the season and their enthusiasm and willingness to learn and improve is infectious. What I witnessed on Sunday was perhaps their most complete performance of the season. Running Rugby, secure set piece, effective work at the breakdown and technically sound defense.

The coaching staff Rebecca Thompson, Kea Herewini and Justine Lavea, KK and Claudia who have all had involvements at some stage during the season are to be congratulated. The management of Steve Hersey also cannot be underestimated. An all-round complete Valley Fort effort!!

The U16 girls saw their season come to a close and the combination of girls which made up this team and the inclusion of the “Bright” girls will lead to further success in the years ahead. These  girls showed they can play a wonderful brand of Rugby if given the chance and Justine, KK, Claudia and Gary Oxley have worked very hard in ensuring Valley Fort had a place in the U16 competition

Whilst the win/loss ratio is not the only statistic that is important, what it does show is the coaching and improvement and performances of all out teams are something we can all be proud of. The success of any club is the sum of the collective. So many people who give up time and expertise to see our players flourish in a wonderful, supportive learning environment.

The U18 boys have continued their successful season, and this culminated in a dominant victory against Kowloon to claim the League title for the season. In what was a flawless first half the boys produced some wonderful running Rugby and their ability to maintain possession staved the opposition of the ball. 26-0 at half time was a clear indication of the comprehensive showing by the Valley boys. The 33-0 fulltime result places the team as first seed into the semi-finals of the Grand Championship at Happy Valley on January 9.  Whist we congratulate all those associated with the team we are fully aware that the job is not yet done, and huge games await us in the New Year.

It was nail biting stuff for the U18 Champs team the previous Sunday against Sandy Bay. The closeness of the game had everyone on edge and when the Valley Fort boys went ahead 3-0 late in the second half hopes were high. Unfortunately, a fantastic maul from a lineout in the dying seconds gave Sandy Bay the 5-3 victory and some valuable lesson for our boys.

The great news is the team closed out THT Lions/Gai Wu to claim second place on the ladder and therefore second seed into the Grand Championship semi-finals. A committed defensive display was the foundation for the win which will be the blueprint in the big games after the break.

Not enough can be said about the U16 Boys teams this season so far. Congratulations from everyone associated with the club for teams securing the League title last Sunday at Happy Valley.

Two totally dominant performances 57-7 (Prems) and 50-0 (Champs) were examples of the depth and quality of the squads giving then great confidence going into the semi-finals on Jan 9.

The exciting brand of Rugby they bring each week has been a pleasure to watch particularly as their skills have improved markedly across the season. The two teams play their semi-finals at THT.

I have been very impressed with the continued improvement of the U14 Boys squad as the season has progressed. The Rugby skills they are developing will only have them ready for some big performances in the 10s and 7s seasons after Christmas. Their defence and physicality are the biggest areas of improvement. Player depth has been an issue this season with all boys playing big minutes each week.

What a win by the U13 boys on Sunday against archrivals Sandy Bay. When this team clicks they are a great team to watch and can score some fantastic tries. Whilst at times a little inconsistent their ability to move the ball and break through teams is most impressive. They play a high paced high-risk game which has proven to be very successful. This group will continue with 15-a-side rugby into the New Year before finishing the season with 7s.

To everyone involved in Youth Rugby at Valley Fort. May I extend seasons greetings for a wonderful Christmas. Special thanks to Head of Youth Becky Maltas for her support but to all involved from team managers and pro coaches to our supporters. Enjoy the break and I look forward to more success in the New Year.

Merry Christmas.

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Minis On Field: Director of Rugby: 22nd December 2021

The Richard Hawkes and Kim Lam Tournaments continued this week giving great opportunities for our players to compete against other clubs. For U12 boys, an incredibly improved showing from the previous Rounds and the boys were very excited (as were parents) to see the success the team were having.

HKFC was the venue for the U12 Girls last Sunday where the Valley Fort Teams competed in every game. This was a terrific performance from all the players and coaching staff and managers who have put so much time and effort into the development of these girls and their skills.

Valley Fort hosted a number of other clubs at Happy Valley for our U5’s who loved the interactions with other players and not to mention a showing from the big man (Father Christmas) himself! Well done to Mike Iannini, our U5 head coach, along with Nick Carlsen for leading and organising this.

The remainder of our minis, both contact and non- contact continued their weekly training sessions at Hong Kong International School, Aberdeen and Happy Valley. The final session this Sunday may also include a surprise visit for the younger ones. I have it on good authority a special visitor will be dropping by a couple of the venues.

A huge thanks to all involved with the Minis program so far this year. 2022 will be a great year of further development and competition which hopefully will see a return to Friday Night training for our contact Minis. More on this in the New Year.

Enjoy the break and family time.

Merry Christmas.

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Valley Fort RFC

Minis & Youth On Field: Director of Rugby: 7th January 2022

Happy New Year to all the Valley Fort Community and welcome to 2022.

The next few weeks were to be very exciting for both the Youth and Mini programs with finals, carnivals and new training venues for the players and social gatherings for the parents : all that makes Valley Fort a special club.

I want to take the opportunity to congratulate all 27 of our Youth players who represented the club on New Year’s Day at Hong Kong Football Club in the representative fixtures. The standard on the day was impressive and Valley Fort players clearly stood out in all the games with valuable contributions in tightly contested games across the board.

Unfortunately, the announcement this week from the Government and the directives we have been given from the Hong Kong Rugby Union means that all Rugby activities are suspended until further notice. This includes all fixtures and training at all venues – Government facilities and Schools. This is very disappointing for the entire Rugby community but is again a reminder of the world we currently live in. We will continue to keep the entire Valley Fort Community updated with information on the possible return to Rugby activities as soon as the information is received.

I encourage all players to maintain a level of fitness, if possible, runs, hikes, bodyweight exercises etc and hopefully we will be back out on the pitches in a couple of weeks.

Stay Safe.

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby, Valley Fort

Director of Rugby: 18th March 2022

As we all continue to navigate the situation here in Hong Kong, I wanted to take the opportunity to commend all those involved here at Valley Fort for the time and effort they have continued to put in to ensure as many of our players stay connected and engaged.

The last month has seen the establishment of our online “Sunday Sessions” and as I visit each session each week I am amazed at the enthusiasm and thought that has gone into each of these sessions by the coaches. From fitness, strength and skills to trivia and Rugby analysis the activities are varied and interactive. It has also been wonderful to see players from other mini clubs joining some of the sessions to get a taste of the Valley Fort community and what we can offer even in these difficult times. A special thanks to Harry Sayers for his establishment of base content and all the pro coaches and parent coaches who have committed so thoroughly to the concept.

As we head towards the off season, we can be optimistic that the 2022/23 season will be free of disruption and challenging and exciting as ever.

Coaches are looking to further their qualifications by completing courses during the downtime and more information will be coming regarding a Valley Fort Level One Coaching Course (World Rugby Accredited) for those interested.

Finally, I know many of our Valley Fort community will be travelling over the next few months. Can I thank you all for you wonderful contribution to the club this season, wish you the safest of travel and look forward to the next chapter of Valley Fort Rugby.

Yours in Rugby,
Director of Rugby
Valley Fort Rugby Football Club

Director of Rugby: 4th April 2022

Last Sunday saw our final “Sunday Sessions” for this season. A huge thanks to all the players who took advantage to attend these sessions and stay connected with the club during these times. I know that many found them stimulating, tiring and at times mentally challenging but above all else, a heap of fun.

This newsletter will also see the publication of various Team Awards for this season (many were announced in the final Zoom sessions on Sunday). Each one of the recipients are to be congratulated for being recognised by their team management for their performances and effort throughout the season. What cannot be ignored however, is the team nature of rugby and none of these individual awards would be possible without the efforts of every single player in each squad. The collective effort allows some individuals to shine, so to all Valley Fort Rugby players – congratulations and well done on a terrific season.

A massive thanks again to all the coaches for all your efforts throughout the season. It has been a great insight for me into the real success of this club……it’s people and the coaches are at the forefront of that.

I also wish to thank the ExCom for their trust and faith in me and my role at the Club and fingers crossed for an uninterrupted 2022/23 season.

The news that Nov 4-6 we will se a return of the HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is exciting and will see two within 5 months of each other. This will hopefully give the Rugby C\community here in Hong Kong a chance to finally come together again and celebrate this great game, we will keep you all updated on this as we hear more.

To those that are leaving the club, whether parents, players, coaches; thank you for your support of Valley Fort and you will always be part of this community and it goes without saying, will always be welcome back. Whatever your plans are I wish those departing all the best moving forward.

Yours In Rugby


Director of Rugby

Valley Fort Rugby Football Cub