Again, some disruption to our Mini training recently due to the unsettled weather. Having the non-contact age group (U5 – U8) back at HKIS was great to see! The activities and skill development of all the players is clear to see as we work our way deeper into the season.

The contact age groups (U9 – U12) are getting closer to competition games against other clubs in the next few weeks and some have already completed practice games with good results. It can sometimes be a delicate balance between using the pitch time for competition or training and we are working to strike the right balance.

Specifically, over the next few weeks we have:

  • TigerFest: Sunday 31st October – U8 to U11 Age Groups
    • USRC Tigers will be hosting a Rugby Carnival at Kings Park all day on Sunday 31stOctober for the U8 – U11 age groups only.
    • Due to restrictions we will not be able to have all players participating (50% at best guess) and priority will be given to those who did not participate at HK Stadium.
    • Your Head Coach will let you know final plans and schedules and For those not playing at TigerFest, there will most likely be joint training with another Club, but we are working on the logistics of that.  Watch this space!
    • U5’s-U7’s will be training at HKIS as normal on this day, just with a little more space as the U8’s will not be there and fear not……. we will organize age group specific days against other teams very soon. Clearly we cannot have visitors to HKIS, so this will be an exciting away fixture somewhere…!
  • Richard Hawkes (U12 Boys) and Kim Lam (U12 Girls) Competitions
    • It has been decided that RH will be a combination of 12 aside and 7 aside teams, whilst KL will remain as 7 aside as per last season.
    • The first date for this competition will most likely be 31stOctober with more to follow from your Head Coaches.
  • Friday Nights Under Lights…..
    • We are very pleased to announce that we have been given the all-clear from HKIS to commence week night training on Friday nights at HKIS for the U9 – U12 age groups (boys and girls).
    • There is a decent amount of form filling to get done to get coaches and players their access cards, but your Head Coach will be in touch on that.
    • It’s looking like Nov 5thor 12th will be the first Friday night training session.

Enjoy the rugby

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Valley Fort RFC