Where has the 2021 Season gone? With only two rounds before the Christmas break it seems like only yesterday that we were getting ready for pre- season.

The past two weeks has seen terrific performances from all our Youth teams and for me, most pleasingly improvement in areas that I know coaches were working on.

Teams from Valley Fort have dominated opposition teams and produced exciting Rugby, showcasing an array of skills that see all our Youth teams in the top four of their respective competitions and five of those teams either leading or in second place.

Whilst the win/loss ratio is not the only statistic that is important, what it does show is the coaching and improvement and performances of all our teams. The success of any club is the sum of the collective and this is something we can, and should, all be proud of. So many people who give up time and expertise to see our players flourish in a wonderful, supportive learning environment.

As we head towards the Christmas break, I encourage all players to push to the end. It is very easy to ease off knowing there is a break ahead. These final couple of games are just as important as the first of the season.

A saying I was once given that I enjoy passing onto players I coach: “ If it’s meant to be, its up to me”

The remaining weeks of this season is up to everyone doing their part to the best of their ability.

Best of luck to all teams this weekend and let’s rip into training in these last couple of weeks.

Yours in Rugby

Justin Carroll

Director of Rugby

Valley Fort RFC