Player registration & fees

Player registration will open approximately in May for each new season. Registration can be completed online for new players or via our Valley Fort App for existing players. To go directly to online player registration or instructions on how to complete registration via the App, click here.

Our annual Club membership fees are set here.

What is included in my season fees?

U5 – U8 (Non Contact Minis)
• Kit (including printing of name on back of shirt)
• Professional Coaching
• Pitch rental costs
• Training equipment
• Administrative costs (including cover of PayPay fees)

U9 – U12 (Contact Minis)
• Kit (including printing of name on back of shirt)
• Professional Coaching
• Pitch rental costs
• Training equipment
• Administrative costs (including cover of PayPay fees)

U13 – U18 (Youth)
• Kit (including printing of name on back of shirt)
• Professional Coaching
• Qualified Physio’s at matches
• Pitch costs
• Buses to matches for select locations
• Training equipment
• Administrative costs (including cover of PayPay fees)

Please note that as of the 22nd October 2021 we have updated our Personal Information Collection Statement with updates in red. For any consent exemptions, please email us.

Season schedule

Hong Kong’s rugby season starts in early September and finishes at the end of April the following year (although the younger age groups tend to finish a week or two before this). In addition, for our Youth players there is pre-season fitness and conditioning training from mid-August.

  • For notice of Club-wide events, see our shared Calendar.
  • For the training times and location for your child’s age group this season, see Teams and select the relevant age group.
  • For up-to-the minute information on your child’s match or tournament times & venues, you will need to download the Valley Fort App.
Club kit

We issue a new Valley Fort kit at the start every season to reflect any changes in our sponsors. The cost of the kit is included in the membership fee. Kit includes shirt, shorts, socks and for new joiners, a mouth guard.

For each new season, all kit has been pre-ordered by the Club for all age groups. Fittings are co-ordinated during the first few weeks of training by your Head Coaches. Youth players should be able to take kit straight away once fitted. For Minis, there is a name printing service available for a small fee which we encourage you to use. The printers will collect the top from training and deliver it back a week later.

Other Valley Fort merchandise is available to buy at Valley Club Days and the Valley Fort Festival.

Valley Fort App

We use the Valley Fort App for the majority of our communications from Head Coaches on training, festival and game logistics. A user guide for the App for players and parents can be found here Valley Fort App User Guide.

The App can be downloaded by searching on ‘Valley Fort’ in your App Store or clicking on the appropriate Apple or Android links below:


We are pleased we are able to offer a number of camps run by our Pro’s from Societe Generale Valley RFC throughout the various holidays. Make sure you keep up to date on the latest camp offerings by checking out our Club News section or following us on Instagram or Facebook!

Social events

In keeping with our reputation as a friendly and inclusive club, we arrange regular social and events for families and for parents. Our Valley Club Days offer an excuse for all our members (players and parents) to enjoy free drinks and a BBQ while supporting our senior club, Societe Generale Valley RFC. The Club’s big ‘parent-only’ event of the season is when we join our senior club for the end-of-season Valley Ball. Dates of our Club-wide events appear in our Calendar.

At a team level, casual get-togethers are arranged by our Head Coaches – and are often based around Hong Kong island’s beautiful beaches where junior players can enjoy a game of beach rugby while their parents share a few drinks nearby. Parents of our Minis players usually find the annual overseas Club tour a particularly bonding experience (and not just because of the quality of the rugby!).

Getting involved

Our Club is run almost entirely by volunteers so we are always looking for people to help. If you are interested in taking on any of the following roles, please speak to your Head Coach or email us.

  • Coaching & team management
  • First aid – if you already have medical training or are willing to take one of the first aid classes we organize, we are always in need of people to join our roster of first aiders who provide support at training, tournaments and games
  • Valley Fort Festival – held in January / February of each year
  • Social, F&B
  • Marketing, advertising & communications
  • Player recruitment & promotion
  • Sevens ticket distribution
  • Charities & collections
Health and safety

The health and safety of our players both during training and at matches, is paramount at Valley Fort. Please refer to our guidance on:

  • COVID-19 – including CHP Status and Symptom Guidelines, Hygiene and Reporting
  • Injuries – including Concussion and Wound Management
  • Equipment – including Mouthguards, Footwear and Goggles
  • Safeguarding – including Child Safeguarding Policy and Implementation

Injuries – Rugby is, in the older age groups, a contact sport. There is always a small risk of injury. Fortunately, in the vast majority of injuries are in the form of scratches, cuts and abrasions which can be cleaned and left to heal. Naturally the risk of more serious injuries is a concern to all parents. It is widely acknowledged that the risk is significantly reduced when children learn the skills of the game in a structured and disciplined manner. In particular, they must learn to tackle (and be tackled) in a safe environment. We strive to avoid physical mismatch and strictly enforce age restrictions. Skills are taught only when the children are physically and mentally ready. Please do not push your child or the coaches to accelerate this process, as it only serves to increase the risk of injury. In the event of a serious injury we will report to, and work with, the HKRC Medical and Welfare Team.

In the Minis age groups we work with a group of parent volunteers to ensure First Aid is available at training or friendly matches. The HKRU provide a qualified medical team at Festivals and Competitions.

In the Youth age groups we work with a group of parent volunteers and the team managers to ensure First Aid is available at training. Valley Fort also work closely with Joint Dynamics to have a qualified physiotherapist available at every match, whether it is home or away.

Wound Management – No matter the sport, please do not underestimate the seriousness of open wounds in Hong Kong whether from grass or artificial surfaces. We strongly encourage that all players, coaches, managers and parents review the HKRU Wound Management Guidelines and take immediate action once the skin is broken.

Concussion Management – All head injuries should be treated extremely seriously and recovery should err on the side of caution. Valley Fort follow the HKRU Concussion and Gradual Return to Play Policy in the case of head injuries and we strongly encourage that all  players, coaches, managers and parents review and understand it.


Mouth Guards – All players should wear mouth guards. Players of contact rugby (from U9 upwards) will not be allowed to participate without a mouth guard. To improve safety in all age groups we issue all newly registered players with a mouthguard which provides better moulding to the teeth: the Signature Type 3 mouthguard. These are ‘Warm and Fit’ NOT ‘Boil and Bite’ as using boiling water risks losing shape and strength. Please note that this mouthguard is NOT SUITABLE for children with braces or orthodontic bands. Please see the fitting instructions on the Signature Mouthguard website and follow the instructions carefully. For custom made mouth guards please consult your dentist.

Footwear – All players should wear rugby boots with moulded rubber studs or non – metal bladed studs. Boots with metal studs are NOT allowed and are banned by HKRU. Children in the younger age groups may prefer training shoes, which are allowed.

Goggles – World Rugby has, in July 2019, approved the use of Goggles while playing rugby. Goggles that comply with requirements can now be worn by any player while playing rugby. Compliance is indicated on the goggles by the presence of the World Rugby Approved logo. Detailed information regarding specifications for compliance is available at World Rugby Player Welfare.  Contact the HKCR Player Welfare and Medical team with any questions or concerns.


The welfare of of all children and young people is paramount at Valley Fort. We take our responsibility to provide a safe environment for them thrive and enjoy the game very seriously, adhering to the Valley Fort Child Safeguarding Policy. In line with the HKRU, we believe ‘all children and young people have an equal right to protection from harm; and that all forms of discrimination, prejudice, oppressive behaviour and language are unacceptable.’


Training will always be on unless a:

  • Typhoon signal 8 or above is hoisted
  • Red or black rain storm warning is in effect (at the relevant training location)
  • The Air Quality Index 10+ is in effect (at the relevant training location)

Training will NOT be cancelled in the event of a thunderstorm warning. However in the event of lightening at the training location you will be notified of cancellation approximately 45 minutes before the session begins.

COVID-19 guidelines

Valley Fort follows Government and HKRU guidelines for COVID-19 and is committed to keeping our community safe by taking any supplementary action it deems advisable. Please ensure you have read carefully and understood our guidelines and procedures:

In addition, and for clarity, current social distancing rules and pitch entry requirements as set by the HK Government also apply.

If you have any questions at all with regards to our guidelines or are unsure what actions you need to take, please email us.