# Pitch schedule

Please check with your Head Coach on your individual training schedule.



# Team selection

In common with other rugby clubs in Hong Kong, our players are initially put into teams according to age. From U5 – U8, the teams are of mixed ability. At U9, coaches will start to tier players and at U10, streaming starts in earnest.

Able players may on occasion be asked to ‘play up’ if their coaches and parents agree that this is safe and appropriate in the circumstances. The process of ‘playing down’ is however extremely cumbersome and needs to be medically justified. The decision on any individual application to ‘play down’ rests with the HKCR whose word is final.

# Player pathways

The re-emergence of the Hong Kong China Rugby Union Academies is a source of developing Hong Kong’s elite youth players in preparation for representation at the World Rugby Trophy Under 20’s Competition

Currently at Youth Level there will be trials and intakes (12 players) at Under 17, 18 and 19 for Boys and Under 23 for girls.

This Academy is separate from the National Age Group Squads (NAG) which will still be operating as they have in the past.

Valley Fort is always prepared to provide pathways for its players who are aspiring players and who have shown the ability to progress to the next level with their Rugby.

Selection processes are determined by the Hong Kong China Rugby union and usually involve practical trial days.

Through team Managers and Coaches who have a clear understanding of the abilities of their players nominations will be submitted for inclusion in selection for trials for both NAG and National Academy positions.

The coaching program at Valley Fort will continue to strive to develop the skills and performance of our players so that we continue to gain representation at the next level of player pathways in Hong Kong.